The Best Website Translation Technologies of 2024

Learn the top technologies for website translation and localization and when to use them.


找到面向全球受众的合适的网站翻译方案看似艰难。Select a translation technology that helps your business reach more people globally and improves customer satisfaction at your store. The best 网站翻译服务 should work well with your current CMS and be able to grow with your future needs.

Read on to learn about the top approaches that companies use to translate a website, and compare their advantages and drawbacks.

How to Choose a Website Translation Software

我们b翻译 is more complex than document translation and needs specific technologies to do it well. Traditional translation agencies lack technology and expertise, leading to inefficiencies and potentially damaging mistranslations or delays.


Small or growing companies may be tempted to use free or cheap machine translation services for their global websites. Certain machine translation tools still require further development before they can independently translate your website. If you value your brand, you cannot trust technologies like Google翻译, ChatGPT, or DeepL with your company’s voice, tone, 发送信息 and image.

Define Your Goals

Choosing which technology to use can depend on what your goals are for your business. Different techniques can yield different outcomes, so focus on where your business is heading. Here are some examples of reasons to invest in website translation and how you can achieve your goals:

    1. International E-Commerce

The importance of website translation and localization in the international e-commerce landscape can’t be understated. Effective e-commerce translation is more than just translating product descriptions and requires understanding and integrating cultural nuances and consumer preferences.

    1. Multilingual Marketing

Incorporating website translation and content localization into marketing strategies significantly boosts conversion rates and sales. Of course, that’s if you know how to build a strong international marketing plan. You’ll likely need help from the best multilingual marketing solutions to take your brand to new markets and new heights.

    1. Reaching New Markets

The brands that have the most success in multilingual markets are those that invest in website translation solutions. This emphasizes the crucial role of website translation in today’s global market, highlighting the importance of effective communication and cultural relevance for businesses aiming to expand internationally.

    1. Multi-segment Marketing

In 2024, businesses need to use multi-segment marketing to understand and meet the diverse needs of global audiences. To create a successful marketing plan, you should learn from experts and stay updated on trends. These trends include website translation and international SEO in multi-segment marketing.

    1. Global Marketing

If your business is looking to go global, you need to engage in multilingual and international marketing strategies. But adapting messages and managing global content can be a big challenge. To help you keep your global ventures organized and ensure content is top-quality, make sure you know the best global marketing solutions available.

If your brand wants to enter new markets, there are tools and services available to assist with your marketing efforts. You can use these resources for both domestic and global expansion. Whether you run an international e-commerce business or are looking into multisegmented marketing, read on to learn about the right technologies to invest in.

    1. Multilingual Content Marketing

Your business' content plan likely doesn't include translation and localization. But for any content from blogs to videos to customer support information, you need to ensure that any multilingual users can access and understand your messaging.

Learn how to engage in multilingual content marketing and create content with consistent messaging across all platforms, devices, and languages.

    1. International Website Marketing

If your company is pursuing global expansion, you need to establish a strong online presence in your target markets. This requires navigating the complexities of global markets, adopting a set of innovative marketing solutions should be a priority for businesses large and small, regardless of industry.

Check out the top international website marketing services so you don’t have to take on the intricacies of website translation and localization in-house.

    1. 网站翻译

If you still have an English-only website, your business could be missing out on a world of global success. In a world where your online reputation is everything, it's becoming increasingly important to consider your global audience to achieve business growth.

Website translation services are an essential component of any global marketing strategy to connect with audiences all over the world and convey your messages in their native languages. Don’t neglect your multilingual customers; make sure your website is speaking their language.

The Best Website Translation Technologies

MotionPoint’s signature proxy translation technology remains the industry’s top website translation technology. It’s uncommon for a solution to be easier, faster, and more flexible than a proxy solution for translating websites. But before we get into that option, there are other suitable website translation solutions:

  • 并列网站,或本地化微型网站
  • 多语言CMS功能,同时配合使用传统翻译公司
  • 多语言CMS功能以及通过连接器或API进行集成


  • 网站的规模和复杂性
  • 内部团队的服务可用性和技术/语言专业经验
  • 当地市场是否设有营销团队
  • 网站目前(和未来)的技术栈
  • 与其他系统和平台的集成


Companies used to create separate websites from scratch to serve global markets, but now they can launch localized websites. Teams manually updated localized sites with new translated content to keep up with changes on flagship primary-market sites. 各公司很快发现这种方法代价高昂,费时费力且难以实现规模化。

To handle the challenge and save time and money, some companies have separate websites for specific markets. 遗憾的是,这些微型网站无法带来令当地客户满意的体验。客户对这种缩减版的网站及其有限的功能和内容感到不满。

如果to Use Microsites


  • 在各个市场提供的产品存在显著差异
  • 当地营销团队完全独立
  • 当地分公司需要传达不同的信息或价值主张定位
  • 在新市场或开发中市场进行试水,或支持当地宣传活动



multilingual websites


然而,这些功能并非CMS的核心,并且在关键方面表现不佳。Multilingual CMSs have ineffective translation workflows and workbenches for accurate and consistent translations.




To offset these undercooked capabilities, CMSs often use connectors and APIs to receive translated content from website localization vendors. The localized CMS then integrates this content.



When to Use a CMS



  • 除网站外没有其他渠道
  • 拥有庞大的开发团队,能够处理定制需求
  • 完全无需进行内容或技术定制




The ease, speed and flexibility of a fully turn-key translation proxy technology makes it the best option for website translation. It can have an API or other ways to translate content for various platforms such as marketing, emails, and apps.


By sitting in the middle of your customers and website servers, it can show localized content. You don't need to do any technical or operational work.

Proxy technology leverages the code and translatable content of your website. 该方案基本上能够对您全球用户的互动和请求作出实时反应。When users click a link or enter a URL on your site, the proxy decides which translated webpage content to show:

  • 代理服务器确定要呈现的适当网页译文内容
  • 其通过专用的独立翻译服务器提供译文内容
  • 然后迅速组合内容,并将其与您网站的代码和页面模板相融合
  • 向用户流畅提供本地化体验



Turn-key proxy solutions take this technology to a new level by adding services and capabilities that support automation and minimize operational complexity.

Fully turn-key proxy solutions handle website translation, deployment and ongoing operations to accelerate time to market and support scalability. 它还能轻松处理从第三方服务载入的内容,并翻译任何媒体或以任何编码语言编程的应用中针对任何市场的任何语言的任何内容。

When to Use a Translation Proxy

Always, unless you fall under one of the special cases mentioned in the Multilingual CMS section above. The proxy solution is the easiest, fastest and most flexible approach to website translation. Choose a complete proxy solution to save time, money, and effort. This way, you can focus on growing your business in your main market.

Main Approaches: A Comparison



Companies that have large development teams and advanced technology can utilize API integration to translate their website. This includes a state-of-the-art content management system (CMS) that has multilingual features.









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